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Beauty and Wellness Markets

Diagonal Reports first started interviewing beauty experts in the US more than a decade ago. Since then, every year it talks to beauty marketing channel experts - spas, cosmetic lasers clinics, salons, fitness clubs, hair removal centers, online beauty sites, TV shopping channels, hotel spas, medical spas, dental spas, ethic hair care suppliers, beauty distributors, warehouses, purchasing managers - to find out what is really happening in the market-place.

These experts represent millions of American beauty consumers right across the US, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, California, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Boston, Georgia, Philadelphia, etc

Diagonal Reports analyses these interviews and combines them with market knowledge gained from tracking US beauty sector developments

Reports include:
US Hair Salon Market 2013
US Beauty Technology Market
New Beauty Buyer 2012 and Beyond
Digital Beauty Market 2011
African American Haircare Market 2011
The US Spa Market 2010
Male Grooming Market 08 USA
New Beauty for New Consumers 2008
Hair Salon Market US 2008
Cosmetic Laser Procedure Market US 2008
Weight Control (Body Contouring) Market 2008
The Dental Spa Market USA 2007
The Convenient Care Clinic Market USA 2007
The Med Spa Market USA 2007
US Day Spa Market 2006
Professional Beauty Market Brands USA 2006
The Professional Beauty Market USA 2006(Day Spa Market)
BEAUTY SERVICES MARKET USA 2005. Impacts Of Changing Lifestyles On The Consumption Of Services And Products (Beauty, Hair, Body)
USA Hair and Beauty Salon Market 2004
USA Hair and Beauty Salon Market 2001

Auto Parts and Services Markets

The Automotive Service Aftermarket USA 2007 (DIFM Car Care Frequently Replaced Parts Auto Maintenance Market)
The Collision Repair Market USA 2006 (Crash Repair Parts and Services Market)
US Auto Aftermarket Size and Structure 2004
US Collision Repair Market 2002
US Auto Aftermarket, Service Repair 2001

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Customised Research

Diagonal Reports also conducts customised research for a client's exclusive use. Market sectors covered include:
RETAIL MARKETS (eg, department stores, specialty stores, designer -wear)
CONSUMER MARKETS (eg, cereals, beverages, foods, apparel, mobile phones, personal computers)
INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT (eg, bakery equipment, horticulrural, fishfarms)
FOOD INDUSTRY (eg, casein, raw materials)
FINANCIAL & OTHER SERVICES (eg, smart cards, bank equipment, credit cards)
PROPERTY, TOURISM, CONSTRUCTION (eg, hotels, budget airlines, themeparks)
E-COMMERCE (eg, online insurance)
TELECOMMUNICATION & ELECTRONICS (eg, telecom equipment, electronic parts)
MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (eg, growth stimulants, pacemakers/defibrillators)