Mobile Device Screens Revolutionise Beauty Selling Culture
(Part 1 The Market Positives)

February 2014

Screens provide a democratic beauty counter
Screen (the smart phone and tablet) technology flattens and democratizes the beauty market. This 'flattened' world presents both advantages and challenges. Here we look at how the proliferation of screens is benefiting beauty.

Screens flatten the market when they democratize the beauty counter. This is a market positive because anyone can use the screen without fearing the stare of the assistant on the other side of beauty counter. The intimidating sales assistant can explain why so many women and even more men keep their distance from beauty counters in department stores.

Screens are the ultimate one stop shop
Screen technology flattens and democratizes the beauty market when it creates what has to be the ultimate one-stop beauty shop.

It is the ultimate shop because the screen can be used not just to recreate, but to also improve on, key elements of physical beauty stores. The screen delivers a very wide selection of brands, extensive product information, evaluations of brands' merits and up to date price information, to name just a few of the transferable (scrollable) features.

Screens are the universal store
Screen technology expands the beauty market when it creates a universal beauty store. This new beauty selling culture is not tied to a physical presence at a point of sale. Brands can be reached from anywhere around the world.

Democratic luxury
Screens also democratize the buying of premium brands. Screens make universal a beauty buying experience that was previously accessible only to people physically present in a limited number of carefully selected points of sale.

The Screen Skincare Market 2014