Online is turning the beauty market inside out. A 35-minute webinar is available which explains how the online is transforming beauty dialogues which previously were tightly controlled by the industry. This has been prepared for those involved in digital marketing and advertising. Contact for details.

Beauty Dialogue and Digital Sales

October 2013

Consumers migrate online for beauty information and purchases.

Dialogue is now needed online

The beauty dialogues which drive sales are analysed in our new report.

The online presents a major challenge for all beauty brands and companies. It is a disruptive force because it is transforming how people are influenced about, and obtain information on, beauty products and brands. In addition, the arrival of the online channel coincides with the rise of emerging markets and changes in consumer segments.

Despite all the new technologies, it is dialogue which is the key to selling premium and new beauty. Dialogue engages with consumers, builds trust and allows for buyers' concerns to be assuaged. In particular, new and innovative products require specific and appropriate dialogue to become established while sales of premium brands are always engagement intensive.

But this new channel can tap into and benefit from a wealth of dialogue expertise which is available. Beauty professionals have wide experience in encouraging and persuading people to buy the new and unfamiliar. The dialogues which they use are constantly developing and changing in the light of product innovation and consumer expectations. At customer contact point, beauty experts have had to re-work and re-shape dialogues for a wide range of new products, protocols and procedures (for example, Botox, fillers, pharmas, cosmeceuticals, etc)

Beauty dialogues must now be brought to new platforms. The online (display and social media) is fast becoming consumers' first point of contact with brands and trust, an issue of acute concern for beauty, needs to be built on these new platforms.

The tried and tested dialogues and the influencing and engagement skills which sell beauty innovations and products are fully explained in our Digital Beauty: Consumer Behaviour and Market Report 2015. Contact for details

A 35 minute webinar which presents the different and customised dialogues used is available. Contact for details